Covid-19 Effect

Edit 4/22/2020: It is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep Rozliubit afloat in the course of the pandemic. I am unsure of it's future. Supply drought has only gotten more challenging and shelter in place is continued to June. Financially I don't know how much longer I can pull this off. Realistically, it needs around $6,200 to catch up on back-orders and regain stability by purchasing raw materials to fabricate a healthy inventory. At this time I am researching solutions but it is a steep hill.


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 Edit 4/23/2020: I have secured ~1/4 of the needed capital to re-stabilize Rozliubit. Which is better than nothin'. Back-orders will back on track in next 10-14 business days.


All shipping is delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic. Chicago is on lock down with possible large fines for violation of "shelter in place" disaster order. I am still working from home and in production but this comes with obvious restrictions. There are some international orders which were sent a couple weeks ago that are trapped in the closed borders/current chaos state of all mail. I am struggling to get supplies as all non-essential retail is closed which is a large portion of where we buy supplies and online retailers are overwhelmed and prioritizing life essential orders over ones like art materials, so it takes weeks longer for my raw materials to get replenished. I have no control over this as much as I'd like to expedite the process.



The US is being hit the hardest of all countries affected by the Covid-19 Global Pandemic due to our idiotic wildly incompetent president. The current American government has the blood of an avoidable massive body count on it's hands. It is a best case scenario we will have over 240,000 dead. All signs point to many, many more dead due to our total lack of action from the federal government. 


All of us on Earth are facing some terrifying new states of everyday life that is an unprecedented situation in our era. We are just beginning of what will be extreme shutdowns, required isolation and stay in home mandates (4/4/20 update: the entire country is essentially = shutdown). This is going to be a very, very, very hard time to try and get Rozliubit to survive and it will need help and support. We are dependent on customers who've now been laid off and abruptly and lost their incomes. All of us are having to enter a financial "survival mode" as the American government has completely fucked up having our backs. Ten million Americans have already filed for unemployment as of last week, millions more expected in the coming weeks.


Of course not all are lost and infinitely thankful to those have helped out with donations which allow us to still be able to keep on making our work and we are quite resourceful in finding solutions for what we need. We work from home so we will be digging our nails in deep to weather this storm and try to keep Rozliubit's head just enough above water to so we can fund it and try to keep a small income we rely on to buy food and pay our bills in what has been predicted to be all of our new daily routines for the next 3-5 months. 


If you feel inclined to support our work and keep Rozliubit going through all of this psychotic time it would mean more to us than I could possibly convey. If that is something you are capable of affording (as I know so many of my peers are in same place trying to figure out wtf they're going to do in this abrupt life change) please click this to help out:


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