Pandemic Update

Link: Help Rozliubit survive these next couples months.


The US is in a current national emergency due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. All of us on Earth are facing some terrifying new state of everyday life that is an unprecedented situation in our era. We are just beginning of what will be extreme shutdowns, required isolation and stay in home mandates. This is going to be a very very very hard time to try and get Rozliubit to survive and it will need help and support. We are dependent on customers who've now been laid off and abruptly and lost their income, and material suppliers who've been shut down because they're "non-essential". Of course not all and we are still able to keep making our work and resourceful in finding solutions for what we need. We work from home so we will be digging our nails in deep to weather this storm and try to keep Rozliubit's head just enough above water to so we can fund it and try to have tiny income we scrape by living on and desperately need to buy food and pay our bills in what has been predicted to be all of our new ways of life for the next 3-5 months. 

If you feel inclined to support our work and keep Rozliubit afloat it would mean more to us than I could possibly convey. If that is something you are capable of affording (as I know so many of my peers are in same place trying to figure out wtf they're going to do in this abrupt life change) please click this:



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