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“These Badass Women Forge Beautiful BDSM Weapons”, Vice


Rozliubit Spotlight, LVL3



 Rozliubit Knives featured in Book 6 of Glamour Girl Magazine . Wielded by FEE Lion, for her newly released album BLOOD SISTERS

Art Direction by FEE Lion, Giselle Gatsby, and Jacquelyn Trezzo. Garments and face harness by Gilles Asquin. Other garments FEE Lion's own and chastity made by FEE Lion. Photographed by Alexa Viscius.

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 FEE Lion Photoshoot Candids Photo Gallery

A Rozliubit Crystal Wakizashi from Carly Mark's own personal weaponry collection is featured in the Lil Miquela super issue of King Kong Magazine. Art directed by @markcarly and wielded by herself & @lilmiquela .
Rozliubit crystal swords come in two sizes, daishō style. A long katana and a short wazikashi. .
“This is daishō. One for war, one for honor. One to kill, one to decapitate. One for murder, one for suicide.”



 Cherubim Caryatid knife featured in a photoshoot & in music video GRIND YOUR BONES. Wielded by Actually Huizenga & her band Patriarchy.


Photoshoot for Actually Huizenga and her band Patriarchy.


Photo featuring Rozliubit dagger taken by Kalie Johnston.